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Pondtastic Natural Ecosystem Pond

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Pondtastic Natural Ecosystem Pond Design

Natural Ecosystem Ponds

Pondtastic Ecosystem DesignThe goal when creating a water garden is to balance the function of a properly filtered pond with a beauty of a backyard oasis. The natural filtration of an ecosystem pond along with limited mechanical filtration provides more relaxation and less worry.

Let’s face it… no one builds a pond because they need something else to clean on the weekends. With that in mind, build your pond the Pondtastic way and enjoy!

An ecosystem pond is really quite simple. Picture it as a big circle with plants, fish, aeration and beneficial bacteria interacting together to create a balanced ecosystem right in your backyard pond.
Pondtastic Waterfall Feature
Remember that on a small scale you are creating a beautiful backyard oasis for your family and friends to enjoy but on a larger scale, when we have thousands of ecosystem ponds; there is an amazing positive impact on our environment. A backyard pond not only restores part of our ecosystem on a local level but also on a regional level and even a national level.

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